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#1 - TEAML1NK - Highly Effective Teams 

Aligning all teams to be working as ONE toward the same goals with a clear vision. This event combines education on the 6 keys to building and sustaining highly effective teams, along with our world-class TEAML1NK simulation that allows teams to practice these elements in a safe environment. This event encourages and measures productive failure and helps teams celebrate success. Yes, we have a way to measure team performance in real-time. Our data analytics and simulation tools help create unmatched team building value for your organization. With everyone focused, aligned, and executing in the right direction, you have the potential to achieve substantially greater business results.  

65% of organizations have an agreed-upon strategy.

14% of employees understand the organization’s strategy.

Less than 10% of all organizations successfully execute the strategy.

  - Forbes

Let us help you get more aligned today!

#2 - TEAML1NK - Continuous Innovation   

We help you learn how to solve problems in an organized way and build a solid foundation for innovation within your culture. We use our world-class TEAML1NK simulation to help teams clearly understand problem-solving and systematically produce the greatest results in the least amount of time. Our safe environment allows teams to take risks, understand the power of teams with respect to innovation, and simulate success. We pride ourselves on helping reach 70-80% retention vs. the typical 6% with traditional lectures. 

Quality Company training produces more than 2x the amount of income per employee.

It also creates a 6% higher return for shareholders when increasing training per employee by $680 

- Study by ATD 2,500 businesses

#3 - TEAML1NK - Safety Culture & Data Analytics   

This event combines education/lecture on behaviors, attitudes, perceptions, and beliefs, and how these contribute to a healthy safety program. It also includes the 6 keys to building and sustaining highly effective safety culture teams. We use our world-class TEAML1NK simulation and other proven tools to help teams clearly understand why safety is important, how much less safe behavior is costing you, and the fun that comes from finding and repeating business success while keeping employees safe. 

“If it didn’t work I wouldn’t talk about it … really…honestly”.

 “I believe it is applicable to any particular industry, in any organization small, midsize, or large corporation…

in order to create a healthier bottom line and a happier, more satisfied workforce.”


  - Dr. Abe Baksheshy, Ph.D.

Professor and Director of Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative, Professor and Lecturer of Organizational Behavior at the Eccles School of Business, Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department, University of Utah








1878 West 12600 South #244

Riverton UT, 84065

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